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Extreme Pinball screenshot
Extreme Pinball gameplay screenshot Review:  Rating: 4
If you enjoyed Epic Pinball, you will also likely enjoy and appreciate Extreme Pinball, which uses the same engine. Released approximately two years after their earlier (and more well-known) games, Extreme Pinball was also released for the Sony Playstation. In this demo version, you get the "Rock Fantasy" table, which is one of the four tables included in the full version of the game. The action is fast-paced (perhaps slightly too fast at times) but I guess that's what makes it EXTREME! (The 90's were all about extreme-ness.) Generally good graphics and a rockin soundtrack make this a fun pinball game to play, even if the physics aren't the most accurate.
---=======EXTREME PINBALL v1.0========----
From Epic MegaGames and Digital Extremes
comes the next level in pinball games,
EXTREME PINBALL. Features Ultra-Realistic
table dimensions, animated arcade style 3D
dotmation scoreboard, multi-ball play and
a new music and sound system that changes
the music with gameplay events. Shareware
table features a T.V. monitor that plays a
video. Requires 386-33 (486-66 Recommended),
VGA graphics and 4 MB RAM. 

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