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EcoMaster gameplay screenshot
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Shareware ($20)
Up to 2 players, Turn-based shared keyboard/mouse competitive
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640 × 350
EcoMaster screenshot
EcoMaster gameplay screenshot
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EcoMaster is "an ecology simulation in which you try to predict how animals will survive in a series of different environments or biomes" according to the FILE_ID.DIZ file. Each round you bid on animals (like in an auction) and those you bid on will enter the current environment. I guess you're supposed to decide which animals will thrive the best based on the location? It seems like it could be an interesting game but also a bit shallow and confusing at the same time. You can have up to two human players, and the CPU player (the "EcoMaster") always plays. Decent clipart type pictures of the different animals, but generally not the kind of game I would personally be interested in playing ...
EGA EcoMaster -- v 2.03 --EGA ECOMASTER is 
an ecology simulation in which you try to 
predict how animals will survive in a series 
of different environments or biomes.  Each 
round, players bid for animals.  Animal 
increase or decrease in value, depending on 
the current environment.  Players win by 
deciding which animals will perform the best 
in changing biomes. 

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