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Cukeland Adventure screenshot
Cukeland Adventure gameplay screenshot
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Cukeland Adventure is a virtually unknown EGA platforming game with decent graphics and controls. Its design is a bit unintuitive but it's certainly unique! Your goal in each level is to collect all of the candies then find the exit, while avoiding the various food-based sentient enemies which try to kill you. You collect one-time-use items to help you along the way which you use by throwing them (in an arc). Even the weapons are used this way. It's definitely a difficult game, and reading the included documentation (README.TXT) will help. One useful tip from the documentation: "You are heavier when you carry things" (ie, you won't be able to jump as high!)
Arrows Move
Alt Jump
Ctrl Throw
Space View status
D Drop
K Kill (suicide)
ESC Return to menu

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