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Screenshot of Keen Dreams Review:  Rating: 4
Keen Dreams is sometimes referred to as Keen 3.5, because it was made between the first trilogy of Keen games and Commander Keen 4: Secret of the Oracle. Originally published by Softdisk as a commercially released game, at some point they also made a shareware version. This game plays in some ways like an early test game for what would become the next series of Keen games. Unlike the other games where you have a blaster and pogo stick, here you collect stones (?) which you throw at various food-related enemies in order to stun them. The gameplay is quite similar to the later games, and the graphics are similar too (although more simplistic). Most disturbing perhaps is the fact that there is no music (at least in the shareware release) even though there is a menu option for it! (Apparently it was removed in order to fit the game onto a 360k floppy disk!) Still enjoyable to play however.
Only you can help Commander Keen overcome the
killer vegetables which have conspired to 
"clean his plate" in KEEN DREAMS, the "lost 
episode" developed for GAMER'S EDGE by Keen's 
award-winning creators, ID Software. King 
Boobus Tuber and his Tater Troopers are ready
to take you on in this choice Keen adventure!
  >>>A must-play hit for all Keen fans!<<<
KEEN DREAMS is one of 10 great games in the 
"Lost Game Collection" created by ID Software 
exclusively for GAMER'S EDGE!  Check 'em out!

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