Commander Keen 4 screenshot
Commander Keen 4 gameplay screenshot
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Commander Keen 4 screenshot
Commander Keen 4 gameplay screenshot Review:  Rating: 4.5
Commander Keen Secret of the Oracle is the well-received fourth episode in the Commander Keen series. (The series this game is part of is called "Goodbye Galaxy!") Like the original game, it was developed by iD Software and published by Apogee. In this game, Billy "Commander Keen" Blaze is again called into action and must adventure into an overhead map and then into platforming stages. The main complaint against this game (as with the original) would probably the one-hit-death mechanics, which can make each level feel more stressful as you near the exit! However this game improves on the graphics, music, and sound effects of the earlier games while including many of the same elements that made the original successful (such as the pogo stick) and provides a fun experience. (It even includes an epic game of Pong, aka "Paddle War", on the main menu ...)
ALL-NEW! Ground breaking EGA/VGA graphics
& incredibly smooth animation! Apogee & Id
Software bring you a brilliant sequel, an
EPIC adventure with 1.6 MEGs of graphics,
smooth scrolling levels, Ad Lib music,
tilted level view, and hilarious action
sequences!  OUTSTANDING GAME!  Member SPA.

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