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Cold Dreams gameplay screenshot
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Cold Dreams screenshot
Cold Dreams gameplay screenshot Review:  Rating: 3
Cold Dreams is a rather obscure platforming game with its own unique style, both gameplay-wise and graphically. If I had to compare it to something, in terms of how it controls at least, I suppose it's a little like that Spiderman game that was often pirated back in the 90's. (The Amazing Spider-Man.) Anyone remember that? Anyways Cold Dreams involves picking up weapons to defeat weird looking creatures while navigating around somewhat Egyptian-themed areas. There are many switches to press (or beam things that aren't obviously switches) and doors to open with keys. There are a variety of weird things to kill as you run around the levels. The controls are ... interesting, the jumping seems to be the biggest concern, as it's not always easy to do what you're intending to do. The graphics, music, and sound effects are all quite good however.
COLD DREAMS: Action filled arcade game with 
outstanding graphics & soundtrack. SB & midi 
support. Explore the planet Swandah battling 
monsters, dragons, and other creatures of 
destruction while running, jumping & shooting
through the mazes of the caves, and learning 
the mysteries of the energy gates. 1st of 3 
Worlds included in shareware version. 
Sysreq.386+, VGA, 2 meg ram, 7 meg hd space. 
Joystick opt. Immortality Productions. v1.06

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