Cendric's Quest screenshot
Cendric's Quest gameplay screenshot
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Cendric's Quest screenshot
Cendric's Quest gameplay screenshot
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DOSGames.com Review:  Rating: 3.5
Cendric's Quest is a first-person adventure game using a slightly upgraded version of the engine used in SerpentHead Deluxe. It is actually the prequel to the SerpentHead game (subtitled "SerpentHead Zero") and follows the plot of what happened before the events of the first game. One helpful interface addition is that this time, the mouse cursor changes depending which action you've selected. This time you also get magic to use (only one spell to start with) and the environments you explore seem a bit less repetitive than the stone hallways of the prior SerpentHead games. Definitely worth checking out if you enjoy first-person Shadowgate-style adventure games.
Cendric's Quest v1.00  Explore a castle 
as the mage, Cendric. You must overcome the 
obstacles set by the malevolent Dark 
Sorcerer, Salorann, as you search the castle 
for 3 golden boxes.

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