Brick Jumper! II screenshot
Brick Jumper! II gameplay screenshot
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Brick Jumper! II screenshot
Brick Jumper! II gameplay screenshot
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Brick Jumper! II is the sequel to "the not quite popular game" Brick Jumper!, says the author. The game is simple: Move your ball left and right to keep your ball on the blocks. The blocks float upwards and your ball falls down; hit the top or bottom of the screen and it's game over. This game feels like an early Atari 2600 type game, and perhaps it's based on one but I'm not familiar with it. It plays well enough and there are five difficulty settings but there likely isn't enough depth here to keep you interested for long. Also it's called Brick JUMPER but there is no jumping in the game ... you just fall from one brick to another. I guess that counts as jumping from one to the next?

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