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Bluppo screenshot
Bluppo gameplay screenshot Review:  Rating: 3
Bluppo is a puzzle/action game, a Boulderdash clone that has an underwater theme. That's pretty much all you need to know. But if you've never played Boulderdash ... basically in Bluppo you must collect all of the fish on the level and then make it to the exit. On each level there are various hazards, primarily large boulders that fall down if there is space beneath them, and also roll off other boulders in ways that take some getting used to. Getting hit by one of these means death. There are some items you can find, including bombs which are used to destroy certain walls. This game plays pretty well, and eases you into the game with some easier initial levels (unlike a lot of games of this genre) so it's worth checking out. (Note that oddly the Soundblaster music seems off by default, turn it on from the in-game menu.)
||             * BLUPPO (TM) *             ||
||   A Shareware Arcade Scrolling Game     ||
||   (C)1997 Webfoot Technologies, Inc.    ||
||          ALL RIGHTS RESERVED            ||
||  * For DOS or Windows(TM) 95            ||
||  * 160 Levels (Registered Version)      ||
||  * FAST scrolling action!               ||
||  * 2 simultaneous players!              ||
||  * Incredible graphics & music          ||
||                                         ||
|| An under-water extravaganza. Bluppo     ||
|| must collect all the fish in each level ||
|| and avoid falling boulders and nasty    ||
|| sturgeon. And if that's not bad enough, ||
|| he must conserve oxygen! Scrolling      ||
|| playfield features great graphics and   ||
|| music. Supports 2 simultaneous players  ||
|| at once!                                ||
||                                         ||

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