Battle Cheese screenshot
Battle Cheese gameplay screenshot
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Shareware ($8)
Single player
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640 × 350
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Battle Cheese screenshot
Battle Cheese gameplay screenshot Review:  Rating: 3.5
Battle Cheese is a military strategy game similar to Risk and other board games where you battle for supremacy over an area of land. The shareware version of this game is limited to either North America or Europe. Only one human player is supported in the shareware version, two in the full game. Each of the four opponents is given a section of land and automatically assigned troops at the start of the game. Then they take turns buying things, moving around, and attacking others. If you enjoy this kind of military strategy game, you may enjoy this game too. You'll also get to see a nifty title screen animation, followed by a creepy menu screen background ...
*********  Battle Cheese v1.0  ********
* Command your army of mutant cheese  *
* troops in a conquest for the world! *
* An exciting strategy game that      *
* features hi-res VGA graphics, Sound *
* Blaster support, and point & click  *
* interface.  Shareware--only $8 for  *
* the enhanced, registered version!   *
*          By Brad Boggess            * 

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