Apocalypse Abyss screenshot
Apocalypse Abyss gameplay screenshot
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Shareware ($14)
Single player
For Kids:
320 × 240
DOSBox Cycles:
4000 (Approximate)
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Apocalypse Abyss screenshot
Apocalypse Abyss gameplay screenshot
DOSGames.com Review:  Rating: 3.5
Apocalypse Abyss is an puzzle game from Software Visions, most well known for their Megazeux game creation system. This action/puzzle game with 256 color graphics and SoundBlaster sounds (although see the note at the end of this review re sound in DOSBox) has you attempting to get to the exit door. Along the way you pick up bombs, knives, and keys to help you, and push plenty of blocks Sokoban-style. (Press F1 for in-game key help.) There are also enemies and various traps to avoid. The music is classic SV (if you liked the music in the Zeux games you'll like this too) and there are three of six dungeons included here in the shareware version. (Note: Choose PC speaker sound if you're using DOSBox; you'll get a lo-fi version of the SoundBlaster music and sound effects. If you choose SoundBlaster or another sound option, you'll get a high pitched beep along with the sound.)
Software Vision's Apocalypse Abyss
A puzzle/action game with dazzling
graphics and a full digitized sound
track! Thirty levels, sixty in the
registered version! Level editor inc.
Requires:286 w/VGA or MCGA; US$14

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