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Screenshot of Adventure Math Review:  Rating: 2.5
Adventure Math is an edutainment title that seems light on both education and entertainment. From the name, you might guess that it's some sort of adventure / RPG type game involving math. After all, a typical turn-based RPG involves at least some math. But this is more a series of pretty dull mini-games; first you must solve a series of simple addition or subtraction problems, after which you get to play a not-so-great action mini game. If a kid is being forced to practice math, I guess it's a little better than just doing problems on a piece of paper, but the droning music won't help them concentrate ...
ADVENTURE MATH:  Epic's New Educational Game!
An excellent shareware learning experience
from the makers of Jill of the Jungle.  Solve
addition & subtraction problems in 256 snazzy
VGA colors.  Adlib scores, Sound Blaster
sound effects and voice!  Makes learning fun
for ages 5-10.  Epic MegaGames, member ASP.

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