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Action Supercross gameplay screenshot
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Action Supercross screenshot
Action Supercross gameplay screenshot Review:  Rating: 3.5
Action Supercross (it's now called "Elasto Mania" in more recent Windows versions) is a motorbike simulation game that lets you drive your motorbike around a bunch of fun levels, bouncing and crashing into stuff. It features nice graphics, realistic physics, and the ability to create your own new content for the game. In fact many people seem to enjoy creating new levels, graphics etc for this game, as evidenced by the fan sites that are/were popular online. Now there are even two pseudo-sequels for Windows and an iOS app, all using the "Elasto Mania" name. The physics model may or may not be as accurate as claimed; it's definitely not an arcade racer, and you will likely crash often!
Action SuperCross 1.3  is a 
motorbike simulation game, based on a 
real physical model.
You must navigate through the various 
stages on your bike. 16 levels and a
level editor are included.
Requires DOS 5.0, 486DX-33, 16MB,
VESA SVGA and a mouse.
Supports SoundBlaster.

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