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Game Creation Systems


Adventure Game Studio    Chris Jones,  2000
Rating: 4 1/2 stars  Swapware  [ Screenshot ]
This GCS allows you to create your own Sierra-like adventure games. The games that you can create look quite good, and the engine seems solid. I haven't spent very much time experimenting with it yet, but it seems a bit more complicated than some of the others listed here ... if you want to create your own Sierra-style games, though (complete with graphics & SB sounds) this is probably as close as you can get without hand-coding the game yourself!
[Download] Click here to download Adventure Game Studio (3,950k)
Click here to download games made using AGS

Game Builder Lite    MVP Software,  1993
Rating: 2 stars  Shareware  [ Screenshot ]
A system that supposedly allows you to create your own Sierra-like adventure game. However, although it features EGA graphics, walk-behinds, etc. I found the system to be limiting in many ways (besides the fact that it allows you to create ONLY adventure games) and that it wasn't easy or intuitive to use. Check it out, but be wary ... AGS above is probably a better choice.
[Download] Click here to download Game Builder Lite (402k)

Megazeux    Gregory Janson,  2001
Rating: 5 stars  GPL (free)  [ Screenshot ]
The best, most flexible game creation system currently available, in my opinion. While it doesn't allow for the best graphics (it's in text mode, but you can edit the ASCII characters), it's the most flexible GCS currently available, and it also allows Soundblaster music and sound effects. There are also plenty of games available (well over 100) and there are also many webpages dedicated to it (five or six dozen!). Check it out. I'm a big fan. :) (Note: Megazeux has been GPL'd ... ie, it is now free, with certain restrictions.)
[Download] Click here to download Megazeux (155k)
Click here to download games made using Megazeux at

OHR RPG Creation Engine    Hamster Republic,  2001
Rating: 4 stars  Freeware  [ Screenshot ]
Although I have little experience with this strangely named game creation system, the end results of this program can be quite impressive. This is a game creation system taylored specifically to the creation of role playing games. It does not seem to be a very easy program to learn to use properly, so be sure to make use of resources available on the official website. Starting with the most recent version, the source code is also available under the GPL. Also, all newer versions of this software will be released in Windows and Linux versions only, though the original DOS version will remain available.
[Download] Click here to download OHR RPG CE (1,501k)
Click here to download games made using OHR RPG CE (Games from 2007 onward may not work in the DOS version.)

Super ZZT    Epic Megagames,  2001
Rating: 2 1/2 stars  Shareware  [ Screenshot ]
The sequel to the classic ASCII game / game creation system ZZT, "Super ZZT" doesn't offer many improvements over its predecessor. The game's font is much larger, making less fit on the screen. Game boards are also now be much larger, and the playing field scrolls rather than having each board fit on one screen. There are a few other small improvements, but overall Super ZZT was not as popular as ZZT and hardly any user made games are available for it. I recommend that you try ZZT (below) instead. (Note: To access the "secret" game editor in Super ZZT, run the game with the "/e" option; ie type "SUPERZ /e" at the command prompt. Then press 'e' at the menu to enter the editor.)
[Download] Click here to download Super ZZT (101k)
[Link] Super ZZT Cheat Codes
[Link] More info on Super ZZT at

Text-World    Mickey Crocker,  2003
Rating: 2 1/2 stars  Freeware  [ Screenshot ]
Text-World is a text adventure game creation system which attempts to simplify the process of creating games compared to other systems like AGT. It provides a menu with various options which allow you to compose your games. It seems as though a variety of options are provided, so this would be good for people wanting to create a simple text game, however more complicated games may not be possible due to the restrictions imposed by this system.
[Download] Click here to download Text-World (158k)

ZZT    Epic Megagames,  2001
Rating: 4 stars  Freeware  [ Screenshot ]
Before Epic Megagames (creators of the Unreal series) even became known as Epic Megagames, Tim Sweeney created this relatively simple GCS which served as the inspiration for Megazeux and resulted in over 100,000 registrations by users. That's not too shabby. Even though ZZT has been eclipsed by Megazeux in terms of usability, features, graphics, sound, etc., it is still wildly popular. Also, well over 1,000 ZZT games have been created, and hundreds are available on the net! ZZT will run on almost ANY computer, so if you're looking for games for your old clunker of a PC, try ZZT ... as I mentioned, there are 1,000's of created games available. (Note: Even though the game says 'Registered Version: Do not distribute', Epic has released the registered version for free.)
[Download] Click here to download ZZT (175k)
Click here to download games made using ZZT
Click here for a helpful "newbie's guide" to using ZZT!

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