Forum for all the suggestions that have 1. nothing to do with our two websites ( DosGamesArchive) and 2. are not bug reports.
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Post by Gamer_V »

I'm not sure if I should post it here - but wasn't there a game exchange forum? Or am I turning into a hyperkenetic rabbity thingy? :(
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robhofen wrote:no warcraft is a rip off of age of empires and so are a lot of other games
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Larry Laffer wrote:Your people are n00bs :laugh:
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Post by Elign »

Yes there was. However, in the past few months or so, we've been trying to clean up this forum. The plan included getting rid of stuff that was deemed unnecessary.

There are already quite a large number of forums here, and thus getting rid of useless ones is vital for efficient operation.

To me, this looks like our continuing process to make this forum more efficient, but I'm not sure who took the initiative to eliminate the Game Exchange forum (granted, hardly anyone used it anymore, so there wasn't much point in having it anyway).
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