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Post by Da_Goat »

Well, one thing I've found incredibly frustrating: on your site, you have the ability to post comments about the game. Unfortunately, most of the comments are YOU HAVE THE BEST GAMES or I hate your site or other things related to the site itself. Examples (found on the TNFS page):
YOU HAVE THE MOST BEST BEST BEST etc games site in the world. I think you only need a cheats page to make it the worlds best games site!!!!
u need 2 have more up 2 date games and maybe a cheats page then your site will be sweet ass.
The worlds no. 1 dosgame site!
I download games every day...
You see my point....I would rather like to see comments on the game rather than the site, since in the navy blue bar you do say
What other visitors think of this game
. So, hopefully, you can see my point, and find a solution....a couple of my ideas are make a separate comment place for the site, clearly express that this comment section is for comments related to the game, and not the site, and/or delete the posts that don't follow that requirement.
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Post by Jorrit »

Da_Goat, thanks for your comment. :)

I agree with you, the comments on a game page should only concern the game (not the site). I will work on the possibility to move comments to a 'seperated comment page', but can't promise when that option will be online.
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Post by Bobo »

Or you could make just drop down boxes for "comment on games" or "comment on games". And when you comment on games the browers (guest) can view it, but if it's for the site. Make it so it will save to a .txt file in your site somwhere, where only you can view it. :)
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or a button

Post by Wally »

Or have a button with a menu coming down from it!a

Post by Fabrizio »

Not only, but most comments are shallow... for example: "bad bad bad", "this game is stupid", "it sucks"... Why is stupid? Why it sucks?
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