Need to Know!

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Need to Know!

Post by kittie101 »

When is it my time to come back into this forum please give a date or time when the banning will expire please need to know Salut.
kittie Read Dg or Emze

Post by kittie Read Dg or Emze »

Please Need to know when Banning Expries if any
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Way too much free time
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Post by Amro »

How about emailing [email protected], or whatever DB's is.
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Post by Wally »

Actually webmaster @ is emmzee

you should email him via his email as he is not a common visitor here..

I would have thought DB would have seen this
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Post by Dogbreath »

Never, hopefully. I don't really see any reason for letting you back... especially after the stuff you've done.

(My e-mail is [email protected] , FYI)