3D Tetris BlockOut from 1989

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3D Tetris BlockOut from 1989

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Here is a online version of the 3D Tetris game BlockOut from 1989 and it work quite ok.
It have a online global scoreboard and also a local scoreboard in your cookies.


There where tournaments in Germany last time 2007.

There is a professional version made in open source in C/C++ from 2007 called BlockOut2
that have a global online scoreboard.

I am my self national Swedish master for many years on level: Out of control
and is global ranked on BlockOut2 as number 27 on level: Out of control with name: MagI
http://www.blockout.net/blockout2/world ... etupid=458
and I have contact with Amit in India who is, right now, the global master on level: Out of control :laugh:

Master at 3D Tetris______ :D _____ https://blockout.nu
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