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Skyroads clone with enhanced mechanics

Posted: Mon Feb 13, 2023 7:30 am
by 16ls
Dear community,

I am looking for an old obscure game I played back in the early 2000s installed from my friend's CD. It might have been a DOS or a Windows game, I can't remember.

The gameplay is basically like Skyroads - you control a ship that jumps between platforms and the goal is to go to the end and go into an arch to finish the level. However, the "map" was much wider than in Skyroads meaning that there were much more platforms and they were floating on a different height and you could take several different paths to the end. The maps were much more "blocky" than in Skyroads - instead of a road with holes or obstacles it was rather a bunch of cubes or cuboids of different height and size and I would need to bounce between them. The game at least looked like a 3D game - I think I some blocks were directly over the others, but I am not 100% sure. The blocks were quite colorful, I remember yellow was a pretty commonly used color, along with others.

There was fuel to pick up that would look like yellow/green barrels with "fuel" written on it. In later levels it was impossible to finish without picking up the fuel, the ship would run out of it and I would lose. There were also lifes (I believe by default 3) - if I would crash into something or run out of fuel I would lose a life and have to restart that same level. If I run out of lifes it is game over and I would have to start from scratch. There were also life pickups - red spheres with cutouts in them.

There were also other ships that would fly perpendicularly to my direction and I would need to avoid them by going over/under them. I am not sure if I could shoot a laser to destroy them, I might be wrong on that. There's also might have been an ability to control the jump height by holding space, but I am not 100% sure either. Overall, there were a lot of levels, I remember being past level 40.

If you have any ideas, please post, I am trying to find the game for several years with no results.

UPD: Someone suggested the game "Xtreme Skyroads" from 1997, but I can't find the proof of its existence. If you do know anything about that game let me know, maybe that's the game I am looking for.