[PC][96-98] Japan or Taiwan S-RPG

Help locating old / Pre year 2000 games you used to play.
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[PC][96-98] Japan or Taiwan S-RPG

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I would like to find an old S-RPG (tactical RPG). Because it's the first S-RPG I played, and I was still a small boy at those days, my memory of that game is already very vague.

I try to list all the features I remembered:
- I had a chance to play the game in 1997 or 1998. But maybe it was released even some years earlier, I'm not sure.
- A typical Japanese western fantasy background; maybe a Japanese game, but could also be made by Taiwan;
- 2D, square grid;
- The battle mechanism is very simple; no height difference;
- Some characters / units include: medusa, harpy, female dragon warrior. (I'm not sure whether they were actually available in the game or not; the game has a folder to store all the units' image files, I found the units / characters within the folder. I didn't have the chance to play enough time of the game, so I don't know whether they were actually implemented in the real game.)

I like the S-RPG, and I tried to find many S-RPG games to play. So I'm very sure it is not a famous game / series (like FFT / Ogre's battle / Fire Emblem / Langrisser, they are too famous and have been excluded).
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