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Sci-fi-ish turn-based roguelike multi-tile units

Posted: Mon Jun 27, 2022 9:51 pm
by greenalien
I was wondering if anyone could help me remember the name of a turn-based 2D roguelike/lite game I loved playing as a kid (on Windows). It had units that grew as they moved up to a certain number of squares (some took up 1, some 3, 9 etc, which is somewhat unusual). Each unit had a set attack that could remove a number of squares. Some units had ranged attack, some were stationary, with an icon of a ground-based satellite. I remember there was a unit called a golem that had several levels, something like mud, clay, stone. The game had several levels which I think were preset in layout (NOT sidescroller, entire level was visible on screen), so it was somewhat puzzle-like. I have looked EVERYWHERE for this and I cannot find it, so any pointers appreciated.

I can only guess this was released prior to 2009, and while the gameplay seems like it could be from the 1990s, the graphic style seemed to be a little later (wasn't a DOS style).

Oh, and this was not about dungeons or wizards, it was more scifi/tech/robot/computer/cyber punk themed.