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Ms dos / pc magazine 1992 to 2000

Posted: Mon Dec 27, 2021 9:26 am
Hi, its been years im looking for some old pc game,
I know my dad was buying all those pc game magazine if that can help but one of those were always demo and i remember playing kinda far in this game with the little blue character, it was a puzzle game, is ability went from moving back and forward, no jump, but is head open like in my drawing to let an hook out, you could grap onto something by controling the distance of the hook and cross gaps or reach a platform. I remember too you had to gadder buddles of money and colored key to solve the puzzle. I hope someone know what im talking about.

I just got lucky yesterday and found my "wolf woman" game i was looking for ( inner worlds ) it gave me hope, but since my little puzzle game isnt that popular i guess its gonna be hard to find it.

Im also looking for a doom like ( you had to beat monsters in a city mostly like in duke nukem but its not duke ) i cant find it or drawn any reference for this one :/