[2D] [PC] Platformer roughly early 90s

Help locating old / Pre year 2000 games you used to play.
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[2D] [PC] Platformer roughly early 90s

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Hi all!

Im looking for a very old 2d platformer, and while I believe it was for PC, Im not 100% sure. It could be an old macintosh game aswell. I will however, provide information based on the first case, that is for PC, and that is from around the early 90s. Last time I played it was probably around 1998.

Platform: DOS

Year: 1990-1995 (could be older)

Genre: 2D Platformer

Graphics: Very basic, dark background. The level was comprised of stone blocks if I recall correctly. I also think you could transform the stone blocks into green stone blocks, or moss blocks (something like that). The character was just a figure (I want to say white, but im not entirely sure).

Notable gameplay: You had to get from the left side to the right side, where there was a door (or a portal) to complete the level. You could fall through the level and lose, if you stepped on the wrong block (moss). I do believe you could climb up and down certain blocks.

Will try to provide any additional information I might have missed if there are questions. Been looking for this game on and off for a... long time. It's like the name of the game is always at the tip of my tongue ^^

Thanks in advance!
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