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Stunts is a game developed by Broderbund. Later Mindscape published this game in Europa under the name "4D Sports Driving" as a part of their "4D Sports" series. At another time, Electronic Arts also published it as "4D Driving" with slightly better graphics and much improved music and sounds (the music give a feeling more of a real race than a simple car game).

Game review
For me, Stunts is a really addicting game. I would write a few pages about it but i will gave just a short review for the sake of it ;)

What do you think is so special at this game? Well, is the track maker! With it you can build awesome track with bridges, tunnels, icy and muddy roads, etc. Though this built-in track maker is not so good, i recommend Track Blaster better.

Stunts is not only for MS-DOS. It is also for Amiga, Tandy, PC-98 and others. The Amiga version has horible playability and framerate, sometimes you need to wait 4 minutes or even more to load something. Amiga version has only 5 fps, but what faster machines can be made at that time? Tandy is a lot better than the Amiga version besides graphics. It has more FPS and better (i mean MUCH better) playability, close to the other versions. Graphics were lower due to systems capacity. I second the MS-DOS version. It has much better graphics compared to the first two we talked now, ok, then can be better; but bare in mind it was made to run smooth even on a 286. At sounds, they are worser than PC-98 and Amiga but still much better than the Tandy version. In my oppinion the PC-98 version is the best- because it has lots of improvements. This one have slightly better graphics in the whole new intro and menu, but in the gameplay they are the same as in DOS. Sounds are much improved; but i explained at the top. Engines sound more 'real' than the other versions.

This game is spilted in 4 versions (officialy 4, but most people says 3): Broderbund 1.0, Broderbund 1.1, Mindscape 1.1 and Electronic Arts 1.2. The fourth one is un-official. In 1.0, cars are a bit slower, you can jump through tunnels, it's easy to wreck your car and Replay Handling is terrible. In BB 1.0, cars are faster, you can't jump through tunnels (if you do this then you will crash) and you can access the 6th gear much easier. In MS 1.1, you can drive on the top of the tunnel, many bugs are fixed and Replay Handling is better. 1.2 is not tested yet.

After you downloaded the game, press enter on the car in the menu (or the race flags in 1.2) and R*A*C*E! :thumbsup:

How to run the game

If you have XP or lower:

You're lucky. XP has a built-in MS-DOS emulator. 98 or lower have pure DOS navigation. You get the best experience under pure DOS, but XP is good too.

If you have Vista or higher:

Oh dear! You're unlucky! You need to install a Dos emulator online. The best one is DosBox, but other ones are good too. Have you installed DosBox right? Now you need DBGL to continue (see the links section). Set the main executable as stunts_k.exe (or whatever cracked .exe or .com, or uncracked ones (if you like to disable the security system :D )) and the setup as: setup.exe (AND CERTAINLY NOT load.exe). Set the template, the core, cycles and the graphics as MCGA. Modern systems can beat 20000 cycles, while early 2000's Athlon XP will call it lowering at ~12000. The bad thing, the download of DBGL is currently non-avalable. If you click on the Windows version and try to download it, it will redirect at a site named ziggo (check the link section).

If you run stunts you need to run it with: for BB 1.0, stunts_k.exe for BB 1.1, and for MS 1.1.

As i said, anything here about running it is not for the 1.2 version. :jester:

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Music's better from Beeper than sound card. Without obstackles it'd suck. (I don't like driving games.)VGA Graphics are bad. It's fun to jump and watch flyreplays though.

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