DOS Games Archive Site Update September 21 2014

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DOS Games Archive Site Update September 21 2014

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Since the last update the following games are added to the archive. Special thanks to MrFlibble for adding a part of these new games.

Textris (shareware):

The Incredible Machine 2 (playable demo): ... machine-2/

Tank Wars (shareware):

Cyril CyberPunk (shareware): ... cyberpunk/

Chopper Commando (freeware): ... -commando/

Clyde's Revenge (full version):

Billy the Kid Returns! (shareware): ... d-returns/

Arctic Adventure (full version): ... adventure/

BassTour (shareware):

Powerslave (playable demo):

Nebula Fighter (shareware):

Warlords (playable demo):

Charlie the Duck (playable demo): ... -the-duck/

Charlie II (shareware):

Ultimate Body Blows (playable demo): ... ody-blows/

HIND: The Russian Combat Helicopter Simulation (playable demo): ... imulation/

Micro Machines 2: Turbo Tournament (playable demo): ... ournament/

Micro Machines (playable demo):

Magic: The Gathering (playable demo): ... gathering/

Extreme Pinball (shareware): ... e-pinball/

Gobman (shareware):

Genewars (playable demo):

The Even More! Incredible Machine (playable demo): ... e-machine/

Electranoid (shareware):

Dotso (shareware):

Disney's Beauty and the Beast: Be Our Guest (playable demo): ... our-guest/

Dinosaur Predators (shareware): ... predators/

Cool Spot (shareware):

Bust-A-Move 2: Arcade Edition (shareware): ... e-edition/

Bubble Pop (shareware + patch):

Block-Man 1 (shareware):

Blind Wars (shareware):

Blast Chamber (shareware):

Balloon Challenge (shareware): ... challenge/

Axia (shareware):

Arcy 2 (shareware):

Arcade Volleyball (freeware): ... olleyball/

Alpha Man (shareware):

Alive Sharks (shareware):
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