Help locating old / Pre year 2000 games you used to play.
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Demoniac Demo maniac
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We at DOS Games Discussion are happy to help identify your favourite games if the title is forgotten.

To help us in this task, please consider following these simple rules while formulating your game identification request(s):

1. Create a separate topic for each game request.
Having one topic per game request will greatly help organise the search, and also you will be able to describe each game in the topic title (see below).

NEVER EVER use ALL CAPS in the topic titles. It does not help anything and is the equivalent of shouting, which is rude.

Please DO NOT make more than one topic requesting the same game. If you had no replies for a while, and the game is still not found, please bump the existing topic (make a reply yourself so that the topic goes up the topic list -- say stuff like "I'm still looking for that game" or such). DUPLICATE TOPICS WILL BE LOCKED

2. Be descriptive in the topic title.
Please do NOT give your request a non-descriptive title like:

old game
I need to find an old game
please help me

Instead, try to briefly describe the game you're looking for. For example:

Sci-fi turn-based strategy game
Platform game about an alien
Side-scrolling space shooter

If you know the platform the game was released for (DOS, Windows, MacOS, console, etc.), you can also include it in the title:

DOS side-scrolling space shooter

Also you may indicate the approximate years of release of the game:

DOS side-scrolling space shooter 1995-97

Including the platform and years in the topic title is optional, but a general description of the game is very welcome.

3. Summarise the basic information about the game.
When describing the game in your request, try to provide some basic information:
  • What platform did you play this game on (DOS, Windows, Mac, etc.)?
  • What year(s) did you play this game in?
  • What was the genre of the game? (for a quick reference, take a look at the genre list at MobyGames)
  • Were the graphics 2D or 3D?
4. Provide as many details about the game as possible.
When describing the game itself, try to remember at least the following:
  • What was the plot (if any) and the setting of the game?
  • What was the perspective of the game (first-person, third person, bird's eye view etc.)?
  • If there was a main character (or characters), was he/she/it visible?
  • What did the (main) character(s) look like?
  • What did the monsters (if any) look like?
  • What were the objectives in the game? Did you have to fight, collect resources, find weapons, solve puzzles?
  • Did the game time flow realistically, or did the player have to act on a turn-based basis?
Of course, if you remember other characteristic details not listed above, please describe them too!

5. Provide developer/publisher information (if possible).
Finally, if you can remember some release related information (for example, the publisher's or the developer's logo) also please provide this information.

It is quite understandable that you might not remember all of the information listed above, however, please try to give as much information as you can. Even the tiniest details may help to identify the game you're looking for.
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Demoniac Demo maniac
Demoniac Demo maniac
Posts: 3756
Joined: Sun Dec 05, 2010 11:39 am


Post by MrFlibble »

Bumping this to get the topic on top, hopefully to increase visibility.

Please read the posting rules very carefully and follow them folks, it's in your best interest if you want to get your game identified!