Commander Keen's Makers

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Commander Keen's Makers

Post by Grandy02 »

Hello, I've noticed some texts on your site that seem to imply that Apogee developed the Commander Keen games. But as fas as I know, Keen was actually developed by id Software, and Apogee published them. Maybe these passages should be changed?

While id Software is mentioned right to Keen 6's title, Apogee Software takes this place for 1 and 4. Or is that place reserved for the publisher in particular?

Apogee "went on to develop Commander Keen".

Apogee is the "creator" of many shareware games "like Commander Keen".

There are some more passages saying that the Keen games are "from Apogee" or "Apogee classics" or something like that. But I'm not sure if these can be also labeled false. For example, the pink puffball Kirby (see my avatar) is also often said to be a "Nintendo character" or the Kirby games are "Nintendo games", since the games are published by Nintendo (but mostly developed by HAL Laboratory). But saying that Nintendo "developed" the Kirby games is really false.
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Post by emmzee »

Thanks for pointing this out. The main problem here is that many parts of the site are nearly 10 years old, and back then I probably had little concept of the developer/publisher distinction. Generally the company name listed on the site is the publisher; hence, the name listed for Keen Dreams is "Softdisk Publishing" because they are the ones whose name appeared on the box.

Anywho, I've altered a few of the pages to make it clear that Apogee was the publisher and not the developer for the games. :thumbsup:
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Post by Larry Laffer »

emmzee needs to get off his lazy bum and update the website more. :D

Heck, I'm sure that if you started updating(not even bringing "DOS Games Wiki" into discussion) the website many of us would be willing to lend a hand. :thumbsup:
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Post by dosraider »

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