TekWar [old review found]

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TekWar [old review found]

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And found another one in my ol'backups ......

William Shatner's TekWar

William Shatner ? isn't that Captain Kirk ? Yes , of course. What has he to do with a game ? Nothing and all. Nothing, because he don't is involved in this game, only some short appearances. All, because beside being Captain Kirk he is also a writer, he writes novels. Some good, some really crap. The novel covering TEK in L.A. is pretty good. Also he will give a short briefing at the begin of each of the seven missions.
The story ? It's about a wrong cop, sentenced and put into cryo sleep , after the cryo when you wake up in the near future you are hired as a hitman. The Cosmos Detective Agency C.D.A. needs you to take out of the picture some seven Lords and their acolytes. It's all about drugs, hard drugs, called TEK, so Tek War. Of course you will not hit on innocent bystanders or regular cops.

Being classified as a FPS it isn't really a full FPS, you will need to take some carefull handling of your guns, don't wave with them unneccesary, or the cops will shoot at you, and you will have to kill them. We don't want that, would we?
There are some weird episodes, weird as in: you need the subway to travel from sublevel to sublevel. And you loose all your aquired weapons every time you travel. Now now, it ain't funny to have to start over and over so many times. That sucks. The game soon becomes really boring. Seven main episodes, all the same structure. Find the needed keycards, red , blue, whatever and make your way to the Tek Lord, kill him, done. The only thing that has a little bit of variation are the backgrounds, sometimes in town, buildings, museum, sewers, a park, even a matrix. Get the Tek Lord of the episode and you can enter a matrix. Anyway I suppose it's a matrix, do some weird things there, shoot some projectiles guided with a glove of some kind, done. Weird game.
The music is midi, not so bad, even pretty good.

That was the good, be prepared for the real bad now.

Interference with the surroundings ? Unexistent. Lot's of stuff, nothing to do with it.
Anytime you pull a gun in public the cops will try to kill you. But the villains can wave with their armory and shoot around as crazy, no reaction from the cops then, strange.
Even if you get a sort of briefing between the episodes, your goal is extremely vague, you will run around and try to do something, do what ? Mostly you will have no idea whatsoever.
The graphics were even for their time outdated,320*200,luckely they have put a SVGA version of them in 640*480, but only some vidcards chipsets are supported.
The ingame sound ? The effects and noises ? Not good at all. Not for 1995. Grainy and stuttering. Could be acceptable in let's say 1990, not in 1995.
You are supposed to protect the civilians. That's the theory in the game, but honestly: walk around as a madman and shoot all you want, it works. The only thing is that W.Shatner will not be happy with you during the briefings, it does not affect the different missions anyhow. You will not be kicked out of the game, nothing at all. If some civilian woman works on your nerve ,with her screaming and yelling, put her out, good riddens. The same goes for the civilian man, everytime you get in a fight with the acolytes some civilians will sream and be in your way, take them down, gives you a clear shooting angle, lol.
The weaponry is supposed to be futuristic, but it's more weird, even a strange flametrower. Also some stunner gun, i think, not very clear all that stuff.
The AI ? Haven't see any, or maybe ... no, not really, nope. Sometimes you even haven't to take care of your enemies, they get crashed by some vehicles who are driving in circles around the buildings..... sigh.

Have I finished the game ? Nope, it was disappointing.
And to think I am a star trek fan, never do that again captain Kirk, never again.

My personal quote: F

Publisher : Capstone Software
Developer : Capstone Software
Platform: DOS
Released : 1995

Choose your character



That's you

The crowded future streets

A Tek Lord acolyte, hmmmm, love those enemie_babes

Always yelling and screaming, nag nag nag nag...
wardrich wrote:The contrasts in personalities will deliver some SERIOUS lulz. I can't wait.
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