D3 OpenCoop [old review found]

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D3 OpenCoop [old review found]

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and found another one .......
Doom 3 OpenCoop 1.0
System requirements:
Same as Doom3
Doom3 1.3 must be installed
Fast Internet connection or LAN.
Platforms: Windows, Linux.

Highly recommended:
A fluid running Doom3 1.3.

Seeing the biggest screw up in the history of games development id Software has accomplished, a mod crew has decided to take things in their own hands and have created a Doom3 mod adding the COOP mode on this game. I can only guess how much work and time they have spend on this mod, it must been a huge work. The compressed size (Win32 installer) is approx 183 MB, that is a huge pile of coding and debugging to go through.

Interesting is: how this mod behaves on the Doom3 installation.
It behaves with manners, as a good mod should, create his own subfolder, installing flawless on my PC. No screw up. Nice, a mod as I like them, no changes done on the Doom3 game itself, leaving the parent game untouched.

Strange, my first idea was those original Doom3 maps are in fact absolutely not suited to play in COOP mode. Nevertheless it gives an unbelievable gameplay battling through all those claustrophobic, narrow, dark corridors and places in a group. You must cover each other, in the darkest area one can use his flashlight, and the others can use their weapons killing the creatures. One can lure the enemies towards him, the others giving him maximum support fire. This game in COOP isn't for cowards, be brave and do your duty, death is all-around here, you gone to die for sure, so die fighting. The first time I joined a COOP Doom3 game, I could only say to myself: "What a fucking madhouse, what a slaughterhouse, great game". Guts and blood splashing all over the place, mine also.
A hard game mode, this COOP, certainly with the 'friendly fire', meaning you can shoot and kill your co-players, it obligate you to aim carefully. Even the choice of arms is significant, you can't use the shotgun or the chaingun at great distance to give support fire as the spread easily can hurt your companions. Certainly the RPG and grenades must be used with restrain, nobody likes to be blown up in a room due to friendly fire, nothing friendly about it.

Several servers hosting the original game maps, loads pretty fast. Others uses custom maps, the first time you visit those you will need some time to download those maps. Next time you join on those servers your download time will be much shorter, as they are stored on your PC. Some servers offer to download those custom maps separately, sometimes from hosting sites.
The OpenCoop mod support up to 4 players , more would be useless on the original maps. Many host's allow two or 3 players.
Some other modifications are supported (weapons….) but here it is trial and error to know what works with this OpenCoop mod.

Interesting stuff is added in this OpenCoop, the hosting server (dedicated or not, LAN) can set extra difficulty levels:
"UberHard" = the usual "hard" setting, but the damage inflicted on the enemies is decreasing according the number of COOP players, how more players, how more hits are needed to get those darn zombies and devil's creatures down.
" PureEvil" = same as UberHard plus the damage inflicted by the enemies on the COOP players increases, how more players, how easier you die, hehe.
My preferred setting is of course PureEvil on a game with 3 or 4 COOP players.
If Hell exists in a game, here you can find it, at the Gate of Hell, sure thing.

The good:
A good COOP mode for Doom3.
Gives the whole game an extra dimension.
Extra difficulty settings adapted on the number of COOP players.
Runs steady.
Intensive, good gameplay.

The bad:
Id Software should have included a COOP game mode, shame on them they didn't, what a stupidity.

To conclude:
A well done mod for Doom3, a must for everyone who loves a good COOP experience.

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