Selling the Supreme Master.

Forum for all the suggestions that have 1. nothing to do with our two websites ( DosGamesArchive) and 2. are not bug reports.
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Selling the Supreme Master.

Post by Cakephatt »

I was wondering what ever happened to that game buying/selling post that you used to have. I can see that it could be spam, but if you had a seperate post for it, then it wouldn't be! Horray!
I also suggest that we vote for a Supreme Master, Premier, President or something like that once a year. It would keep order in the forum, remove evil dictators like seen in the Roman Triumvate, and be fun to call somebody a Supreme Master.
"Oh Supreme Master, can I please make a suggestion?" said the small carub.
"Well, only on the condition that you remove your leggings," The booming reply came. It seemed to come from the heavens, and the boy slowly sank into a nearby barrel hole, hoping to escape unnoticed.
ZAP! Power!
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I-ANAL is a Usenet and chat abbreviation (acronym) for "I am not a lawyer." A similar abbreviation, TINLA, stands for "This is not legal advice."

Post by Guest »

i dont want to be a slave to an Supreme Master
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Post by Wally »

Uhh Cakephatt considering Emmzee is the owner of

Im sure he is more a president

How ever

The Game Trading forum was closed down due to lack of Trading (meaning NOBODY traded for 2 years or so) then we lay down the Governments Law and it could trigger legal issues

Im happy to have the forum ( For a trial Period) as long as we can vouch legal trading requirements. Considering i have a few games to trade.

Rules that will comply:
1. A real live chat to the person will need to be possible

2. Make sure you can verify with either us Global Mods or Administrators that the person is telling the truth (Via PM) so we can obtain an IP address

3. Generally speaking an invite system would be good but maybe not through the trial period

4. Any suspicious postings will be locked and will be researched.

5. Us moderators / Administrators reserve our rights to lock a post and investigate a dodgy trade even pending an complaint to your ISP and ban the user until investigation is complete.

6. If game is not original it cannot be sold unless the original is provided with the backup.

Perhaps a feedback system would be good if this goes successfully.

Maybe Dogbreath can review this post and update the rules
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Post by SpaceFans »

That Will be cool I have some games to trade too.
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