Telerobotic game with real people ?

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Telerobotic game with real people ?

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The military remote control drones then why not make a computer game of it?
I build holonomic telerobotic robots that I now can remote control over 4G/5G phone network
so I can remote control my robots anywhere in the world where you can make a phone call. :D ... ameReality
I build my first robot 2005 that had a paintball canon with full auto 20 rounds per second, a laser tag weapon and it had a laser aim system.
I had about 1500 people from all over the world that drove around outside my house shooting at my neighbors :D
See my videos.

My dream is to build robots big enough to hunt people on a paintball arena and laser tag arena.
Then that would be the first computer game in the world, with real people in the game to hunt. ^_^

There is a game from 2018 that is called
that have 20 robots that you log in to and then hunt batteries and can shoot with laser tag weapons.
But its not active now.

You can try two online robots now here.

If you want to try my holonomic robots, then contact me on Youtube.

Do you think it would be a fun game to log in to a robot and hunt real people with a paintball or laser tag camera robot ?

Or how would you like to use remote controlled robots?
Drive around in Peru or Egypt ?

Master at 3D Tetris______ :D _____
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