Duke Nukem 3d

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Duke Nukem 3d

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MINIMUM: 486/66, 8 MB RAM, VLB Display card, VESA 2.0 for SVGA
RECOMMENDED: Pentium, 16 MB RAM, PCI video
SOUND: AdLib, Sound Blaster (all), Gravis Ultra Sound, SoundMan 16,Pro Audio Spectrum, SoundScape, Waveblaster, Sound Canvas, General Midi Disney and Tandy Sound Source
CONTROL: Keyboard, mouse, joystick, Gravis Game Pad
MULTIPLAY: Modem, network, serial, Total Entertainment Network
PRISE Atomic Edition (includes Plutonium Pack) $19.95
RATING: Mature/18+
RELEASED IN: Jan. 1996
OTHER: Won't start up 51st time.

After escapin' from the hands of Rigelatins, Duke returned to Earth. Unfortainetly the ship's damaged and Duke gets to know
that aliens have abducted all chicks and nuked LA. Great!

Levels are different than thou've used to. There are button combinations, water health, and many things that doesn't have gaming value, but which makes 'em to have real fuctions, not to mention many crushers. Difficulty's all right. Expect a 1 level, the episode can be got through in 2nd highest skill without cheatin'. And the boss ain't as hard as magzines gave you to understand.

Pistol's usually used thanks to its rapidfire even thou've to waste bullets to get a full clip for hog. Why it isn't that Rigelatin rifle Duke had in his last adventure and when thou look to mirror? Pig cops takes sometimes 3 shotgun hits before death, which causes certain panic and other enemies are also though, which isn't a good thing. Instead, the RPG's a versatile
tool, especially againt those nasty turrets.

By the way, thou should get the system requirements seriously. Because the programmin' error, screen skipped along when I turned half o' the game. And the display card choked when the rocket in secret level blew up, but everything was normal when last flame'd vanished. Otherwise game ran well enough and the rest o' slows are put down to processor.

The last part of Duke Nukem trilogy has it's moments. Sure it's fun to blow up a pig when even a single hair doesn't swing, blood and girl posters can be deducted and sewer echos, but 'cause the last of the game's all wrong, it makes thee to think, did makers read too much Playboy instead o' improvin' playability.

Absolutely the worst thing is very hard and even impossible puzzles. I wouldn't mind, if they'd be required only to get some secret powerups, but when I must solve 'em to go on and everything I see is a literal dead end, I loose my nerves. Especially in 4th, where I had to cheat. I once accidentaly found a teleporter to end-switch, but never again. Let's leave problems to puzzle games, shall we?

In my opinnion, ALL platfromin' should be made in 2-D, 'cause thou must see the exact spot where to jump from. Otherwise thou keep fallin' off all the time. When PS2's platforms are 'No! Not that way!', in a fps it's very last! It's not funny to try to guess where legs are. It's only required in 2 levels, but that's 2 too much.

Not theme, but the summary song is the most horrible game music I've ever heard. Only 1 is good like, but when the others are as boring as a bad movie it doens't help very much. 53

Duke's oneliners sounds in too low voice compared to other effects and those who's English listening comprehension in high school was only half right, can't make 'em out, except for those, which are frequently said.

If graphics are designed to Super, the basic VGA suffers badly. Besides, I hate tryin' to achieve the real world. They even made the blood orange, not red. 45

No, Duke 3d ain't bad, it's a shooter, after all, and other Build games ain't any better. Also usin' guns with Doom 2 style saves a lot. Makers just should taken soft porn off and make levels more Doom-like, 'cause it has potential. But 'cause it also takes a huge amount o' disk space, I deleted it and replaced with registered prequels and it stays off unless someone
absolutely wants to play it. To me Duke Nukem is that orange skinned grimacer who jumps and shoot, doesn't go for a pee or give cash to dancers. Brrrrt!

NO Windows, NO DOSBox, DOS!
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Duke Nukem 3d

Post by MadButcher »

ooooo i remember Duke Nukem in the night club, giving away a bunch of $$$... "shake it, baby!", "do you wanna dance?", "shake it, baby!" B)
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