Help with some games not running properly

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Help with some games not running properly

Post by TheSovietTurtle »

These are a few miscellaneous problems some of my games are having, both not launching correctly are just behaving odd.

1.) Whenever I attempt to launch Fallout, I get this message:
"Stub exec failed:
No such file or directory"

I downloaded Fallout from DOSgamesarchive and the file it listed is a seperate, unrelated file.

2.) I have trouble with games going full screen. Even if I do alt + enter it puts the full image in the corner and the rest stretches out all weird like.

3.) The mouse for my computer and the graphics in games don't match up, no matter if I'm fullscreen or not.

Those last two issues only appear on the two games I've been able to make work, being Warcraft and Command and Conquer. I have difficulty launching my other games, being Doom, Elder Scrolls Arena, and obviously Fallout.

Apologies in advance if I don't understand something. I'm new to MSDOS, DOSbox and computers and PC gaming as a whole.
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Post by Rwolf »

I'm not quite sure of which version of Fallout you are running.

The Fallout version at Dosgames archive is just a smaller playable demo for Windows, according to the description. GOG has the full game - not the version I used, so I'm not aware of how it's run.

The program dos4gw is a DOS memory manager which is not free, it was usually included with the games, but there are some options if it's missing, e.g. you can use DOS/32A and rename the file so the program recognizes it, according to this website: ... ative.html

What I can see, the DOS32A extender is already included with DOSBox, so it should be possible to use as is. (I normally use a DOSBox frontend; D-Fend Reloaded where the memory manager is selectable by ticking a box in the game setup tab.)

(DOS4GW should not be used in the Windows game, so that makes me wonder what game version you are running. Is that the Windows demo complaining?)

-edit- I just played the demo, works fine in Win95 compatibility mode under XP64,16:9 with no scaling issues, and no complaints about the DOS4GW.

The patch file would probably apply to the full game, not the demo, if that is what you tried.


About the scaling issue; older programs that don't support windowing can behave like this; the game assumes the mouse to be in a rectangle starting in the top left corner on the screen. I guess the current sceen formats 15:9 also makes the fullscreen scaling a bit odd. In those cases I just move the game window up in the corner to make the mouse coordinates match the controls.
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