The Dark Eye

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The Dark Eye

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If you like plain old weird-but-clever then you'll love this flawed jewel, and it's not the nostalgia talking . I've discovered The Dark Eye some two or three years ago and the story is absolutely haunting that i still remember it.

It was one of the most original, bleak and clever narratives I've experienced in a long time, although granted much of it has to do with Edgar Allan Poe (whose works are directly used to drive the plot), but I believe this game does great justice to his stories rather than ripping it off shamelessly. If you are unfamiliar with Poe - great - you'll enjoy The Dark Eye even more.


The only big problem with the game is that there's not much of a game to speak of. It tries to play like a point and click adventure but there are few puzzles - you basically do a lot of exploring and pointless clicking, and this triggers the game to move forward. It's an extremely easy process most of the time - you won't use up lots of brain cells. The other problem is that it's woefully unfinished - lots of missing animations and system crashing.

it's one of those games that's more of a kick to watch than play, so I recommend you watch it on youtube.

Also, here's my full review of The Dark Eye + screenshots of the game

Graphics 7/10
Sound 10/10
Gameplay 6/10
Overall 6/10
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