[Suggestion] Shaw's Nightmare

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[Suggestion] Shaw's Nightmare

Post by musa »

I'm here to request addition of a modern DOS BUILD engine game. It is called Shaw's Nightmare.
I developed this game.

I started Shaw's Nightmare in 2007 but I cancelled it. Then I found the BUILD engine and I restarted the project
but I needed a programmer. Nuno Martinez came in but when he found out I was planning to sell the game he
quit. I tried several times to program it by myself but failed until in June 2009, but then I lost interest in the project
in October. Then in 2011, I started the project again but the computer was formatted and I lost the data. I restarted
in August 2012, and here we are. Eduardo Sanchez Barrios came in but he quit before the game was completed.
He had no time for the project but he did not tell me until recently.

You are Shaw. You were reading a book then you fell asleep. Suddenly,
your headphones start picking up strange sounds: static, men yelling orders,
screams, bones cracking and finally silence. Then a hole grew and you are
sucked into it.

Things aren't looking too good. You have never been alone in your life.
Plus you don't have your father's guns. If only you could get a hold of a
rapid catapult or a camera gun, you could protect yourself.

Suddenly a scout boy comes and you stabbed him with a nearby knife. Then
angry growls arose. They know you're here. There's no turning back.

http://www.mediafire.com/download/bl6tq ... /SN1_6.ZIP

Official page can be found here: http://shawsnightmare.ucoz.com
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I hope my The LORD of all hosts keeps me far from needing...

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I wish that I never need to do anything like that! hehe
God, Jesus Christ, is number one!hehe
Jesus Christ!hehe
Bless Jesus Christ!
Then please bless my mom.
Honour to my mom Huong Thi Vu
Honour to my dad Thuy Binh Nguyen
Love to cousin Carl Anh Cuong Cao Vu
Thank you Jesus Christ.
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Post by MrFlibble »

I have moved this to the dosgames.com section as your game is already added to the DOS Games Archive.

I've played a bit and noticed that while many levels have some very obvious Doom references, E1M2 appears to be inspired by a similarly titled level from Chex Quest, right?

There's one thing though that the player's movement has some very noticeable inertia. Is that an intended effect?
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Post by musa »

Pay attention!

I have released v1.66 here: https://www.mediafire.com/?hl45ikf3nz57h4y
You can also join my forums: http://shawsnightmare.ucoz.com/forum
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