Dos Games Still Being Sold

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Dos Games Still Being Sold

Post by wardrich »

For the sake of indexing, maybe we should begin to list games that are still being sold. Including a brief description, screenshot, and a "Still Being Sold" with maybe a link to where it can be purchased? Seems like maybe a bit too much work, but at least we won't have people coming in here asking for games still being sold lol.
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Post by GAMER »

I think this is a good idea.
Might take more effort than it warrants though?

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Post by MrFlibble »

Isn't there already a database at Abandonia that lists which games are sold and which aren't? Or is it inaccurate?
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Post by dosraider »

AB's list is completely outdated I'm affraid. Marco seems to want to update it, gonna be a long term work ......

Problem with such lists:
-Always outdated.
-Needs a lot of work/research to create/keep up top date.

Not worth the effort, personal opinion of course.
wardrich wrote:....but at least we won't have people coming in here asking for games still being sold lol.
Dream on friend, or are you still smoking those extra large mushrooms?
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