Howto contact a big software company to put games on site

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Howto contact a big software company to put games on site

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I don't know if this is the correct place to post this or not but here goes

I run a games site on the Internet for my Retroplay project thats a self contained USB gaming system based off of FreeDOS and I have downloads for shareware versions of Dosgames on there and soon I want to e-mail companys and ask them if I can put their shareware versions of their games on my site for download but I have no idea how I would go about contacting these companies via E-mail to ask them.

Maybe a good question i should be asking is how does go about putting games on the site?

I am hoping to have a big archive of games all in Retroplay packaging for download on my website approved by the companies that create/publish the games.

Any advice is appreciated. Thnx
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Post by dosraider »

As most shareware games have a "readme,vendor or distri" txt/doc included that states that you're allowed to distribute them, there won't be a problem,
as long you:
*Include all the files in the package and don't alter any files*

Some points from Apogee shareware vendor doc:
[*] Everyone can -- and is encouraged! -- to copy, upload and
generally pass around this Program without charging for it.

[*] If you want to distribute it as provided in this Vendor.doc
by catalog, advertisement, BBS, on-line service, or direct
mail, no written permission is needed.
Apogee highly
recommends, however, that distribution be made from a copy
from Apogee or from one of its authorized sources, such as
our web site ( to prevent the sale
of older versions.
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