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Larry Laffer
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A new category for download

Post by Larry Laffer »

Why not create a Multiplay genre for downloadeble games besides RPG Misc and so on.
Yes I do know that many of the dos games didn't have an Internet Multiplay option but I realy wish that people would see the realy capabilities of dos games. There are dozens of Dos games with the option of plain online
To be onest few times i was very close to asking you all if you would like to play a dos game in Multiplay(see DOOM and so on) and i realy think it would be easier to spot MP games if there would have been a category sain' MP games here if you understand me.
abyss wrote:I don't even know if starcraft 1 was a windows or dos games.

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Post by Wally »

I think this was a forum ages ago.

but netherless it would just be spammed up with useless crap

So im going to say no
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