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Post by Elign »

Sometimes, the quote feature doesn't work as intended. I can't remember which posts it happened to, but if one looks around it shouldn't be too hard to find...
It should look like this
[qutoe]Not this![/qutoe]

(quote intentionally misspelled to demonstrate problem)
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Post by julie124 »

yea that happened to me a couple of times, Iunno what is up with it
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Post by Dogbreath »

This is pretty simple. The fact of the matter being you need a proper quote tag at the end of a quote in order for the forum to register it as an actual quote.

An example:

Code: Select all

rather than:

Code: Select all

All closing quote tags need a "/" in order to successfully designate the selected text.

It can also happen if a person inserts quote tags manually and forgets to depress the quote button... the forum automatically adds a "[/quote]" to the bottom of all posts if it's only been pressed once.
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Post by Kazer0 »

As well, if they improperly use quotes in names, it will not work.

kazer0 wrote:hi
[quote="I am kazer0]Hi[/quote]
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Post by JKSM »

Beside missquoting quote text, perhaps one reason why the quote does not work is that the poster accidentally ticked the "Disable BBCode in this post" box.

[quote]This post is an example.[/quote]
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