Any OHR RPG CE People here?

Discuss popular GCS tools like ZZT, Megazeux and Adventure Game Studio, as well as programming and other topics related to game design.
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Actually, as far as GCS's being programming languages or no, the answer is this:

ZZT is a GCS, not a programming language. ZZT-OOP is the programming that makes ZZT games run. Though zzt is not a programming language, it is an enviroment in which a language runs and requires that language to operate. A good paradory would be a robot and a computer. Is a robot a computer? No. Does it need a computer to run? Yes.

It's much like software and hardware, the two are seperate but dependent on eachother.
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nastypoisonspikes wrote: Amro: You don't know me, and I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't make comments about me like that. But if you think I am doing something really immature, then yes, let me know.
My bad. Didn't really look at your post.
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