2 small dos games

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2 small dos games

Post by cepa »

Could you test my two dos games ?? B)

1 - Pong Clone (C + Assembler) - www.cepa.end.pl -> Games -> Pong
2 - Snake Clone (Assembler) - www.cepa.end.pl -> Games -> Snake

I need opinion about it...

Post by JBPACKER4 »

Your snake game is awsome B)

but your pong game is too fast and blurry :(
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Post by Jeff »

Both are very good. I have a few suggestions though.

Snake - It may be my computer, although still playable, it runs a little too fast. It also needs a high score table.

Pong- Easy and Normal modes are too easy and Hard is too hard(make normal a little harder). It too needs a high score table.
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