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For sidescroller lovers, make a level in your browser!

Posted: Mon Nov 28, 2016 11:55 am
by GameDreams
Hi everyone, I have always been a big fan of 2d platform games for PC, and I can't count the hours I've played Commander Keen, Jazz and also the Mario Brothers game on the NES. What I always liked the most is creating your own world, so I've put some free time into creating a web-based platform game with a level editor where everyone can make their own worlds.

It is currently in playable status but it's nowhere near finished. I'm still looking for designers to make the sprites and tiles better looking. Also I'd love to hear your ideas and feedback! I'm always working on the game. I also know you guys are experts in sidescroller level design, so let's see if you like to work with this editor! :)

Some of the objects might be a little hard to understand, and I still have to add a Help section to the editor. But don't worry, just try things out and you can't really do anything wrong :D

This is the link for the website:
The editor is available here: