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Jesus Christ!hehe

Here is "Another1 DEMO" hehe

Well, first I would like to give God all the glory for my inspirations#!!

Then I would like to bless Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!

After that, my mom is bless for teaching me to be loving!!!!!

Honours go to my father for pushing me to study to be a developer.

Honours go to my mother for always being behind me hehe

Now a little story goes behind the making of this DEMO.

A friend of mine (Mr Sir Allen Pilgrim) did an interview.
During the interview he talked briefly about what he was taught.
So I learned a little trick that allows me to do text on a background.

Neat huh?hehe

I know you didn't check it out yet. j/k ...
God, Jesus Christ, is number one!hehe
Jesus Christ!hehe
Bless Jesus Christ!
Then please bless my mom.
Honour to my mom Huong Thi Vu
Honour to my dad Thuy Binh Nguyen
Love to cousin Carl Anh Cuong Cao Vu
Thank you Jesus Christ.
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