VESA/BC++ 3.1 help!

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VESA/BC++ 3.1 help!

Post by eDaniel »

Hi all! I've a problem. I cannot make my program to control VESA properly. I make a functions (like vesa_init, vesa_banksw, vesa_pix...etc) which are using real-mode interrupt calls to switch the banks! This is fucking slow on my Cel@566MHz. I make a big collection of source code & tutorials describing VESA. Oh, bullshit! 1. THey have an error in code; 2. They are writen to another compiler and don't run in Borland C++ 3.1; 3. Part of bigger game libraries using 32-bit registers (not possible, normally) and protected mode calls.

The mode I want to use is 800x600x256 colors (vesa 0x103)
I was maded tests on my source code, and I conclude that the slowest thing is "int 10" call to make a memory bank switch. Please help! I need source not to reading all vesa information block, but just that information i need. Need to bankswitch fast and plot pixels with acceptable speeds.

Daniel Benitez

Post by cepa »

It's not good idea to use vesa under Bc++. Switching banks is slow because you must use int 10h, if u want faster gfx you must use PMODE (protected mode). Try to use Allegro under DJGPP.
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