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HVB Barneveld and HVB Software

Posted: Fri Jul 06, 2018 11:38 am
by Frenkel
I came across this tweet: wrote:I would like to get in contact with "HVB Barneveld" or "HVB Software", who developed and published Dutch DOS games from 1990-1992. After trying for a couple of years without success, let's see the power of Twitter: please contact us!
  • They're also known as HVB Digitaal B.V.
  • I think HVB stands for Henk van Beek, because of the post at!topic ... SO9ikTuOA4 and I think he's from Barneveld, The Netherlands.
  • They released over 800 programs according to their 10 year anniversary CD-ROM. An image of the front of that CD-ROM is on this page
  • I once saw on the Internet a resume from someone else than Henk van Beek who created games for HVB and it said the games had to work on every PC. This means only they could only use text mode based graphics and PC speaker sound effects.

Posted: Sat Aug 25, 2018 1:00 am
by Joris
Thanks for sharing the info! Never really could get confirmed the owner was Henk van Beek, until now. At the Dutch Chamber of Commerce I could find there were multiple HVB companies over the years, unfortunately all are gone now and contact data is no longer valid...

I found over 40 games of them on my dad's old floppies and would like to add them to, but only if I have permission from the author.

You brought me one small step further in my search for the owner, thanks :)

Posted: Sat Aug 25, 2018 7:37 am
by Wally
Hey Joris, how's life? Can't get you on MSN anymore :(

Posted: Thu Jun 20, 2019 8:14 am
by Frenkel
Joris wrote:I found over 40 games of them on my dad's old floppies and would like to add them to, but only if I have permission from the author.
I was wondering, which HVB games do you have that aren't on the Mobygames' list of HVB games?

Boggle (a.k.a. Woordenslag)
Boter kaas en eieren
Master Mind
Mens Erger Je Niet
Vier op een rij

Posted: Mon Aug 05, 2019 1:53 pm
by Joris
Hi Frenkel,

Here's the list of games I have:

Code: Select all

21-en			            1991
4 Letter Kruiswoord	  1990
5 Letter Kruiswoord	  1990
5 Seconden
Bind-Woord		        1992
Boter Kaas En Eieren  1990
Cijfer-Puzzel		      1991
Clearer			          1991
Duits			            1991
Galgje			          1990
Gokkast			          1990
Hoog-Laag		          1991
Klaverjas		          1990
Kono			            1991
Kruiswoord		        1990
Mastermind		        1990
Memory			          1991
Mens Erger Je Niet	  1990
Monopoly		          1990
Morse			            1991
Nederland		          1991
Patience		          1990
PC-Tennis		          1991
Rondgang		          1992
Schieten		          1991
Sneltype		          1991
Solitaire		          1991
Squares			          1992
Stapelen		          1991
Typecursus		        1991
Vier Op Een Rij		    1990
Woordenslag		        1990
Woordschudden		      1990
Yahtzee			          1990
That makes the following games are not on Mobygames' list:

Code: Select all

4 Letter Kruiswoord	  1990
Hoog-Laag		          1991
Klaverjas	  	        1990
Kono			            1991
Monopoly		          1990
Morse			            1991
Patience		          1990
Sneltype	  	        1991
Solitaire	            1991
Squares		  	        1992
Stapelen		          1991
Typecursus		        1991
Woordschudden         1990
Yahtzee			          1990

Posted: Tue Aug 20, 2019 3:48 pm
by Frenkel
I've got a couple of those game and I can add them to MobyGames.

HVB Barneveld and HVB Software

Posted: Mon Dec 30, 2019 11:22 am
by HighKing
Hi, I just registered because I was searching for a game I used to play back in 1991 or so. I *think* it's the HVB game called 'Hunter' what I'm searching for. I remember it to be an ASCII-game on which you can move some kind of vehicle to left and right to avoid hitting objects. The longer you last, the faster the game starts to move.

It seems that HVB software is no longer active. The site hvb dot nl is now owned by a construction company. The Dutch commercial register states that the registration is no longer active (I cannot post a link as I'm a new user, but on kvk dot nl you can search for 'Handelsnaam' HVB, Straat 'Churchillstraat', 'Huisnummer' 75 and 'Plaats' Barneveld).

I would love to get my hands on the 10 years anniversary CD mentioned above, but if anyone can tell me how to obtain the game 'Hunter' I'd be very happy. :D

HVB Barneveld and HVB Software

Posted: Sun Jan 05, 2020 10:27 am
by maartentepaske

Oh, same here! I've got three games of HVB, named Crusher, Jumpjet! and CD-MAN. I copied them form an old Tulip 286SX PC from the late 80s (with was not mine) to a floppy disk (the whole PC was full of HVB software but due the lack of space I only copied my three most played games). The PC booted to a dedicated HVB menu, called 'Point & Shoot' (if I remembered it well, cause this was back in 2002 or so).

I hope I can also get this CD-ROM, and that this is all on it... :love:

By the way, - off topic - there was another Dutch distributor of shareware, called Rob van Lin. He runned LinSoft. Pretty looks like the same concept. He also sold shareware on floppies and CD's. Does anyone maybe have some of these? :laugh:

HVB Barneveld and HVB Software

Posted: Mon Jan 06, 2020 8:31 am
by HighKing
Whoah! I used to have the point & shoot menu system on our pc at home for quite some years. Simply so all members of the family could use it. Loved it! I deployed it on pc's of neighbors and friends as well. Don't think I have that anymore either. I put away all of my old diskette's quite some years ago. :(

HVB Barneveld and HVB Software

Posted: Tue Jan 07, 2020 9:08 am
by Joris
Hi HighKing,

Here's a screenshot of Hunter:

Is this the game you're looking for?

HVB Barneveld and HVB Software

Posted: Sun Jan 12, 2020 7:49 am
by HighKing
Yep, that's the one!

HVB Barneveld and HVB Software

Posted: Mon Dec 21, 2020 4:52 pm
by ruudkoot
Hi, I have been trying to collect HVB games for a while. Here is some info that may be useful for those doing the same:
  • That Usenet post above is the first clue I have seen as to who was behind HVB. I also found an obituary for a Henk van Beek from Barneveld [ivn nl \ afdeling \ barneveld \ nieuws \ overlijdensbericht-ivn-lid] though this is of course a very common name.
  • I think the company went through three phases:
    1. '90-'92: Sold games as a subscription. You would receive two games per month [hvb nl \ nl \ bestbon txt @ archive org]. HVB also produced some more serious software [hvb nl \ nl \ serieusp html @ archive org].
    2. '96-'98: Sold game floppies through retail stores. These usually contained one HVB game and three shareware games. Unlike LinSoft floppies which were sold at retail chains (Intertoys and Primera IIRC) I only ever saw these at the local computer shop and I only ever owned one or two of them. There were 36 floppies in total [hvb nl \ nl \ speldisk html @ archive org]. It would be interesting to get a hold of these as I do not recognize all the titles. These may contain HVB or other Dutch-language games that are not widely known. It is also possible these are just shareware games under a different / Dutch name to increase marketability.
    3. '98-'00: Sold shovelware CD-ROMs through local computer shops and I may also have seen them at retail chains like Dixons [hvb nl \ jewel htm @ archive org]. I never bought one of those. I would be surprised if all the software on the 'En toen was er .. {Amiga,Atari,Commodore,MSX}' series was properly licensed. I would also like to get my hands on the '10 Jaar HVB' CD. I doubt all 800 programs supposedly on it are by HVB. More likely this also includes the shareware titles from the floppies.
This is the list of games I know about (games marked with an asterisk I currently do not have but should be archived in TDC#18):

Code: Select all

4-Letter Kruiswoord 	HVB 	1990 			18
5-Seconden 	HVB 	1990 			18
Boggle 	HVB 	1990 			18
Boter, kaas en eieren 	HVB 	1990 			18
*Defender 	HVB 	1990 			18
Galgje 	HVB 	1990 			18
Gokkast 	HVB 	1990 			18
Hoofdrekenen 	HVB 	1990 			18 (2!)
Klaverjas 	HVB 	1990 			18
Kruiswoord 	HVB 	1990 			18
*Lingo 	HVB 	1990 			18
Master Mind 	HVB 	1990 			18
Mens erger je niet 	HVB 	1990 			18
Monopoly 	HVB 	1990 			18
Patience 	HVB 	1990 			18
*Reaktie 	HVB 	1990 			18
Vier op een rij 	HVB 	1990 			18
Woordenslag 	HVB 	1990 			18
Yahtzee 	HVB 	1990 			18
21-en 	HVB 	1991 			18
5-Letter-Kruiswoord 	HVB 	1991 			18
*Belgie 	HVB 	1991 			18
*Breekwoord 	HVB 	1991 			18
Cijferpuzzel 	HVB 	1991 				dosgamescom
Clearer 	HVB 	1991 			18
*Delen 	HVB 	1991 			18
*Doolhof 	HVB 	1991 			18
Dobbel 	HVB 	1991 			18
Driester 	HVB 	1991 			18
Duits 	HVB 	1991 			18
*Engels 	HVB 	1991 			18
Eurostad 	HVB 	1991 			18
Hoog-Laag 	HVB 	1991 			18
Hunter 	HVB 	1991 			18
*James Bond 007 	HVB 	1991 			18
*Ketting-puzzel 	HVB 	1991 			18
Kono 	HVB 	1991 			18
*Lucifer 	HVB 	1991 			18
Memory 	HVB 	1991 			18
Morse 	HVB 	1991 				dosgamescom
Nederland 	HVB 	1991 			18
Othello 	HVB 	1991 			18
*Paardenwedden 	HVB 	1991 			18
PC-Tennis 	HVB 	1991 			18
Pesten 	HVB 	1991 			18
*Pipopipette 	HVB 	1991 			18 	"kamertje verhuur"
*Poker 	HVB 	1991 			18
Provincies 	HVB 	1991 			18
Schieten 	HVB 	1991 			18
Scrabble 	HVB 	1991 			18
Sneltypen 	HVB 	1991 			18
Solitaire 	HVB 	1991 			18
*Speurwoord 	HVB 	1991 			18
Stapelen 	HVB 	1991 			18
Stuiter 	HVB 	1991 			18
*Tienweg 	HVB 	1991 			18
Typecursus 	HVB 	1991 			18
Voornaam 	HVB 	1991 			18
Woordschudden 	HVB 	1991 			18
*Woord-Mind-12 	HVB 	1991 			18
Bind-Woord 	HVB 	1992 			18
Covering 	HVB 	1992 				dosgamescom
Pac 	HVB 	1992 			18
Rondgang 	HVB 	1992 				dosgamescom
Squares 	HVB 	1992 				dosgamescom

HVB Barneveld and HVB Software

Posted: Sun Dec 27, 2020 2:48 pm
by Frenkel
I wouldn't call Voornaam a game; it's just a database with information about given names.