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+ cd rom driver

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I'm trying to install CRUSADER NO REMORSE on my pc after restart in MS Dos mode. But install.exe doesn't run because the cd rom driver is not found. Any suggestion? Thank you
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It depends upon your level of expertise, patience and how keen you are. The simplest way is probably to use a boot disk:
http://www.bgdf.com/darkehorse/Projects ... ndex.shtml

The link above will take you to a site where you can get the Gameday boot disk. This is specially written for games support. Run the program to create the disk and then reboot with the disk in the drive.

Another method is to install Microsoft's MSCDEX.EXE and a suitable DOS driver into the autoexec.bat and config.sys files that are being used for MS-DOS mode. If, and only if, you are getting to MS-DOS mode by going to Start, Shut Down and Restart the Computer in MS-DOS Mode then you can edit a shortcut in the Windows folder to do this. You would do this as follows-

1/ Download vide-cdd.sys from here-
http://www.bgdf.com/darkehorse/PC/DOS/D ... ndex.shtml

and unzip it to your Windows folder.

2/ Go to the "Exit to DOS" shortcut in your Windows folder. Right-click it and select "Properties". Click on "Program" and then "Advanced".

3/ Carefully add the following line to the "config.sys" box-


4/ Carefully add the following line to the "autoexec.bat" box-


Then OK your way out of there. Now, when you go through Start, Shut Down and Restart the Computer in MS-DOS Mode you will have CD-ROM driver support in full DOS mode.

Post again if you are using a different method to get to DOS. Making an individual DOS game shortcut (rather than a general DOS mode shortcut) from Windows 95/98 is really pretty much an identical process to the above.
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