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+ about DUKE3D...

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i don't know if the solution to this is already posted...

I downloaded the duke3d zip file, and extracted all the contents. When I run "install", i GET an INTERNAL ERROR. what's wrong? can you help me?

i'm using windows 98


Duke3d in Windows 98

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Don't run duke3d from the MSDOS window.
Create a shortcut to duke3d.
Right-click the shortcut and select Properties.
Click the Program tab.
Click the Advanced.. button.
Put a check mark in the MS-DOS mode box.
Apply, OK etc.
Launch the duke3d shortcut and your PC will reboot into Duke Nukem.
NOTE: There are problems running the game this way.
If you go to certain places in the game, the PC will lockup.
Save often and hard reboot when locked up.

Setup your PC for a multiple configuration that permits you to run in
DOS or in Windows 98.
There are many articles on the web, detailing how to do this.
Avoid the lengthy ones and the ones that refer to your "old DOS."
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or.... before <i>that</i>


get to your duke3d directory. Then run install.


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