Running Swing on DosBox

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Running Swing on DosBox

Post by Alfred123 »

Hello there,

I've got a problem, maybe you can help

the game:

in the DoxBox terminal it says this before the startscreen


The game will load the startscreen, but you cant start a new game


kind regards
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Post by Quadko »

I don't know that game, but some games have Server exes and Client exes, and others require some commandline parameters. Do you have any documentation? Any .bat files or setup.exe or install.exe to configure the game?

But it may just be the "copy protection" of not recognizing the CD. Several options, usually:
1. Real CD in actual CD drive, mounted as a Dosbox cd
2. Real CD files in a directory, mounted as a dosbox cd maybe with the cd label
3. Empty directory, mounted as a dosbox cd with the cd label
4. CD Image file mounted as a Dosbox cd

The Howto thread has some CD instructions:

Basics are to imgmount an image file or mount a directory with the CD flags, here's the Dosbox documentation on how to mount a CD: ... _ROM_drive

It'll depend on what you have (cd, files, image file) and what the actually game checks (files, cd label, etc.)
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