Running Doom in DOSBox

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Running Doom in DOSBox

Post by bo552 »

So I am trying to run the original Doom in DOSBox and it will not load, when I set up, it gets stuck trying to lad DOOM.wad, I need help getting it to work. :bday:
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Post by Quadko »

Where did you get Doom from? Floppies, cd, download,

And just to make sure:
* is latest dosbox version .74?
* you're running dosbox and mounting the doom directory at the z: prompt?

I forget if you need to run setup or anything, possibly it finds the wad file from a config file path and maybe in dosbox the path is wrong.

Doom works great in dosbox, so is likely something about your doom setup or corrupt files or dosbox config setting. Not sure if Doom requires a specific core or speed setting.

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