I can't have IHNMAIMS to work. Need help

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I can't have IHNMAIMS to work. Need help

Post by mchi19 »

Hey gamers, I am new here and it's my first time playing in DOSBOX with "I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream" game to play.

The DOSBox 0.74 emulator shows "(noconsole)" at its side, does it affect the game? Do I need to worry about it?

When I opened DOSBox, I typed in these:

mount c c:\users\mchi\oldgames then the Drive C is mounted as local directory

I typed C: then typed dir.

When the time I typed in the S.EXE app from the file I downloaded,

It shows "Unable to initialize sound and music drivers!" and
Unable to open file MDI.INI.

Oh and the "not enough memory to load resource 265, size 0"

Did I download the wrong file? Do I need to install stuffs for it to work? Do I need to edit things?

Any suggestions please :cry:

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Post by Quadko »

Quick note from below: Have you tried running S vesa (or S.EXE VESA)? But maybe config sound first.

<b>noconsole</b>: nothing to worry about, whether the console shows or not. That's the second window with diagnostic information that runs beside the dosbox z:\ prompt window that displays the game. Doesn't affect gameplay either way. You can run dosbox with -noconsole or set a flag in the config file if you don't want that diagnostics window to show.

<b>Sound problems</b> in dosbox are about the most common, but probably just need configuring in the game. There is likely a setup.exe (or install.exe or sound.exe or config.exe, etc.) in the directory that can configure IHNMAIMS sound settings. The MDI.ini might be the setup file, so it might solve that, too.

Have you played with the dosbox.config yet? There are also ways to adjust dosbox's sound setup if that becomes necessary. We can likely help, the documentation is here, and we have a local howto guide as a sticky thread in this forum here.

<b>not enough memory</b> error might also just mean it's not configured. But there might be more to try. This link has some suggestions, including running S VESA instead of just S(.exe).

Some game downloads are the CD, and need to be installed before they can play. I usually mount those files as d:, and the empty directory where I want them to install as c:, then run the "CD Installer", not sure if that applies in your case.

Gog.com sells the game. If your budget and location allows, you might trade money for time and hassle, and buy the game pre-setup and ready to run:
https://www.gog.com/game/i_have_no_mout ... ust_scream

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